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Strob Studio

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High-end audio services, give to your music the chance to sounds better...


Located near Geneva, Strob Studio offers high-end services, such as mixing and mastering. The studio is made of a high end control room that meets the quality criteria of the best studios currently listed.
The architecture, design and acoustics of the studio were developed by renowned German acoustician "Jochen Veith", who has been in the business of developing and building recording studios for more than 20 years.

The control room is a real isolated bunker, the superb acoustics in the room as well as its incredibly low background noise (25 db SPL), results in one of the greatest mastering environment you can imagine.

For monitoring, we opted for a pair of ATC SCM 110 ASL Pro, with two ATC SCM 1-15 ASL subwoofers (15 inches), in a soffit mounted fashion. This results in a high performances and extremely critical listening.

Strobcore Studio

Igor Chevalier

Igor started in the music industry in 2004 as a electronic music DJ / Producer. He has always been passionate about music and began to take a serious interest in sound engineering in 2006. He made his first appearance on a label the following year.
In 2010 he graduated from the SAE Institute and already worked professionally as a sound engineer. A year later, he's hired part-time as a supervisor / teacher at SAE Institue of Geneva, He teaches courses on topics such as; digital audio, studios, Daws, sound synthesis, sound design, consoles, mixing, mastering and gave hundreds hours of studio workshops, for almost 10 years.
At the same time, Igor gradually builds a customers list for those he's mainly mixing and mastering. He also gained notoriety as a DJ / Producer under the pseudonym "Strobcore". He signed his productions on several international labels known in the scene of electronic hard music. Igor also starts Djing internationally. In 2018 he decided to become self-employed and founded Strob Studio.
Already solicited as a mixing and mastering engineer, producer, and sound designer, Igor specializes in electronic music, but manages other musical styles as well.

Strobcore Studio - Igor Chevalier


Mastering / E-mastering

Mastering is the final step of audio production that allows several things;
-Get a professional outside opinion. Thanks to our experience and our management of high standing, we can analyze your music in an unequaled way and give you a real objective return.
-Optimize your sound, for the largest number of media. With modern media such as streaming, each platform having its own technical characteristics of broadcasts, it is important to have a sound quality that translates well everywhere. Clubs, supermarkets, radios, CDs, vinyl ... In any medium, give the right to your music to sound great everywhere!
-Combine and unify several titles for an album. It is not uncommon to have, on an album, several titles that have been composed, mixed, produced, by different people. This often creates an inconsistency between the pieces.
-Loudness. Do you have trouble getting the same subjective sound level as your favorite artist? Let us take care of that for you!

  • STEREO MASTERING (2 tracks, stereo file)

    This is the most common mastering processing. It's a 2 tracks (stéréo master bus) treatment. For best results, the mix down must be well done and well balanced.

  • Test Mastering

    Nous offrons la possibilité de faire un essai gratuitement, uniquement pour un mastering stéréo.

  • STEM MASTERING: (groups, multiple stereo files)

    Stem mastering is a different methode of mastering audio which traditionnaly use the stereo 2 tracks mixdown files. Stem mastering utilizes group of instruments, such as bass, drums, vocals, ambiences, synth sections etc.. We require these groups of instrumentation to successfully perform stem mastering. Stem mastering allow us extra flexibility when adjustements are being made to the overall sound of the music.


    It is a mastering, but it's done with all the tracks of the project, it gives us an even more control, to optimize the master. Attention, the goal here is not to mix the title, but to be able to better correct, optimize and finalize your project.



Music mixing is the process of taking multi tracks and 'mixing' it down to one single stereo track (left and right). As a result, you will have one stereo file.

So why is mixing so important? Because of what happens during the mixing process. We do much more than just 'combine' the tracks. You see mixing is all about context, the way individual elements of the arrangement behave, sound and feel relative to each other, and how that affects the overall experience of the listener.

This process requires great technical skills, expensive equipment, fine musical taste and lots of experience.


This is the full service that allow us to have full control over your title. this is the way to choose for maximum results.


We scan and listen to your mix, from every angle and we give you a detailed report in PDF form. We will give tips and references to support you to mix your title.


Instrumental : On demand production of original instrumental. Remix : Original remix production in any style of electronic music. Ghost producing : Complete production, from A to Z and customized, in any style of electronic music. Includes: Production, recording, mixing and mastering. Sound design : On demand production of original presets and / or audio samples. Scoring : Production of music on video image.


Solo recordings : Recording up to 4 simultaneous microphones. Voice over recordings Records for creation of samples pack

Digitization, restoration, cleaning

Digitization of vinyl or hard disk cassettes, restoration of a faulty recording, cleaning (background noise, noise, saturation, etc.)

Course / workshop

More information soon ...

Express service

It is not uncommon to have very short deadlines, especially at the end of the production chain (mastering). We strive to meet all the needs of our customers, for this we have set up an option "express" valid for mixing and mastering. If you choose this option, we are committed to delivering your project within 48 hours.


  • Monitoring :
    • Haut-parleurs ATC SCM 110 ASL Pro, ATC SCM 1-15
    • Casque Grado PS1000e
  • Converters :
    • ADC Dangerous Audio convert 2
    • Apogee Symphony MK2 8x8 thunderbolt
    • Ecoute : Grace M905
  • Analogic outboards :
    • Bettermaker Mastering limiter
    • Bettermaker Mastering EQ
    • Bettermaker Mastering compresseur
    • SPL Master bay S
    • SSL X Logic Alpha VHD Pre (Préamp
  • Monitoring controller :
    • Grace M 905
  • Metering :
    • TC Electronics Clarity M
  • Desk :
    • Unterlass Studio
  • DSP :
    • Universal Audio Octo Satellite Thunderbolt
    • Macbook pro, maximum config.
  • Controller :
    • 2 Raven Mti 2
    • Various midi controller from Akai, Arturia...
  • Plugins :
    • Waves Mecury Bundle
    • All Izotope
    • RX 6
    • All Fabfilter
    • All Melda production
    • Universal Audio Ultimate Bundle
    • All Sound Toys
    • Kazrog
    • Aom
    • All Plugin Alliance
    • All DMG Audio
    • JST
    • Doctor Plugin
    • Elevate mastering bundle
    • Native Instruments
    • Spectrasonics
    • Xfer Serum
    • Myriad
    • Ableton Live
    • Reaper
    • Studio One 4
    • ... la liste est très longue


  • O.B.F Sound system
  • DJ Chosen Few
  • Stevens
  • Vicz Lee
  • Riga
  • Fragment Audio
  • Leman Bleu
  • Eskadet
  • Lem-x
  • DJ Hista
  • Martinez
  • Miss Ghyss
  • Psiko
  • Dj Adrien
  • The Punisher
  • The Hiiters
  • Junkei
  • Strobcore
  • Adrenokrome
  • Gancher & Ruin
  • Killa P
  • Charlie P
  • Irah
  • Teeds
  • Aalyx
  • Hyperopal
  • Pavel
  • Realitycheck
  • Dark vibe
  • Blizzard Audio Club Records
  • Flexfab
  • The progammers
  • The Smasher
  • The Paranoize
  • Synaptic Memories
  • Sir Duke
  • Patricia Rosello
  • A-Leks
  • Dj Flax
  • Homeboy
  • Apolloud
  • Lacrema
  • Chapelle
  • WUGS
  • Tremefy
  • Demanufacturer
  • Mehdy Von Ti
  • Nem's
  • Yoni Banks
  • Yan-Ka
  • Layer-V
  • DeathKiller
  • Matt Brysdcore
  • Septum
  • Sneith
  • Irascible Records
  • Graviity
  • Arturia
  • Larytta
  • Pole Folder
  • Lemon grass Records
  • WeTweak
  • Weith
  • Idle
  • Dj Batch
  • Hetan
  • Y / M
  • Ito
  • La Pièce
  • Futur Dynamic
  • Billy S
  • AK Industry
  • Fiend
  • Desolation
  • Embrionyc
  • Yannick Coiffier
  • Or Beat
  • Erid
  • Sinistro
  • Loic Allievi
  • T-Energiz
  • The Wishmaster
  • Coman Dante
  • Orphia
  • Logan
  • Fisik
  • Ti Ban G
  • David Solena
  • Johx
  • Argent Sale Record
  • Alice Reize
  • Dubquake Records
  • Handckuf Records
  • Agnost1k Records
  • Abused Records
  • Nekrolog1k Records
  • Othercide Records
  • EICA Records
  • Abused Recording
  • Tainted Audio Records
  • Mortal Records
  • French Kick Records
  • Handkcuf Records
  • Iptnotika Unit Records
  • Claudia Balla
  • Roxane
  • Mat Pokosouris
  • The Patriot
  • Two Minds
  • Orphia


Thank you for your interest in Stro-B Studio working on your project !

For any request or question contact us using the contact form below or by sending a mail to

Outline your needs, time frame, which services you need, every things is possible all you need to do is ask us.

We will get back to you with pricing and availability. Please read our FAQ for any questions regarding procedure, exports, bouncing etc.

Expectations, creative direction, time framing, file transfer and all aspects of the production are discussed and agreed upon after completion of the booking.


Useful informations

Export : It is important not to exceed the 0dbfs when exporting the master. Export format : Keep the same sample rate than the session, and prefer the 32bit. Naming : Correctly name the audio files, good titles, for a mix, clearly name each element. Mastering : Send max 2 files per title, for example a version with effects on the master, another without. Stem Mastering : Send up to 6 stereo groups per title. Obviously when importing groups we have to get exactly the same result as the mix, with all faders at zero.

Q : How to book one of the services offered ?R : Either using the contact form HERE or by writing an email to Q : Is a "Test Master" a free mastering ?R : No, it offers the opportunity to listen for free the result of a mastering done at Strob Studio. To obtain the file, you will have to buy it later. Q : Do I have an infinite number of retouching options ?R : Yes, the first three are offered, the following will be billed. Q : How to export my master ?R : Export in the sample rate of the mix session and if possible in 32bit. Q : Do I have to leave my FXs on the master bus before exporting my mix ?R : If the mix was made in the effects chain, yes we must leave them for export, otherwise the mix will be denatured. If the effects have been added once the mix is ​​finished, remove them. You can also send a version without effects and a version with by specifying it in the name of the audio file. Q : What is Stem Mastering ?R : Mastering groups, 6 groups max. For example: Drums / Bass / Synth / Voc / FX Q : How to send my files R : By We-transfer only!